The Tabernacle

God’s pattern for Spiritual Transformation

Just as there is only one way into the tabernacle, even so, Jesus Christ is the only way to God our Father (John 10:9. Matthew 7:13,14). The Jews referred to the entrance of the outer court as “the Way, the entrance to the Holy Place as “the Truth,” and the entrance to the Holy of Holies as the “the Life” (John 14:6. 1 John 2:23). Note that the entrance is from the East, where the Sun rises – the Sun of Righteousness or the Daystar (i.e., our Sun is a star that shines in the day)(Malachi 4:2. 2 Peter 1:19). Even though it may seem that your life is in spiritual darkness – remember to look to the East – as the “Son” will rise again! To enter this gate then represents realizing that you need to be saved from sin and seeking Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord.