Bible Timeline Project

Where it all started

I was taught that a good christian boy never asks annoying questions or questions that the Sunday school teacher cannot answer. Or the church for that matter… and so I respectively obeyed myself into silence.

Then one clear day my life and more specifically, my finances, didn’t make sense anymore so I turned to the only establishment I trusted for answers. Well, needless to say, I couldn’t bring my life and their doctrine into blissful alignment. So I started to search the scriptures for a possible remedy to my problem and to my utter disgust found opposing guidelines… How can this be?!

The people I trusted the most for applicable advice, let me down (skipping over hours of roller coaster emotions and words the bible discourages us from using). But were they aware of their tainted theology or were we both none the wiser? So this led me to embark on my voyage to discover the vast, unknown universe of Biblical clarity. Can it be done? I desperately had to find out…

What to do with all the evidence?

Did I mention I am a Graphic Designer and strategizing teacher – okay in short – I draw pictures to explain complex stuff. I decided I had to start at ground zero and nuke all existing preconceived artifacts. In stead of trying to prove what I knew, I needed to know & understand why the Bible was written. As time spent searching rushed past, I started to realize that this puzzle wasn’t going to fit on a dining room table… Then the Bible Timeline project was born and soon I was pinning freshly found bible truths on a 5m x 1m digital canvass.

Now what?

After more than fithteen years of steady progress, the crisp, fresh layout has become a dense, active testament of truth, reminding me that God’s Word is a two-edged sword cutting to pieces all man-made theories and speculations. But the most important lesson I have learned is that we are meant to understand His Word for this is the only true measurement we have of His character, Kingdom and His love for us.

And I would LOVE to share it with you…